Periprosthetic Infection Following Total Knee Arthroplasty


One of the most devastating complications of prosthetic knee arthroplasty is a periprosthetic infection. This complication occurs in 1-2% of knee arthroplasties [1,2] and can exceed 4% in immunocompromized individuals [3] and 7% after revision surgery [4]. Prosthetic infection leads to loosening of the implant, [5,6]. In this circumstances revision surgery is required.
Because of the diversity of the clinical presentation, i.e. early, intermediate or late infection [1], different surgical methods to treat infected knee prostheses were developed [5,6]. Several treatment methods became well accepted but others are still controversial. In the present review we intend to describe mainly the diagnostic tools for detection of infection and commonly used treatment methods in failed total knee arthroplasty due to infection, with special emphasis on the surgical techniques. Additionally we will describe some trends for the future improvement of the treatment modalities.

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